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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions?
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Vancouver: 604-800-0489
Q. What does sell?
Super Delivery is the leading online grocery store in Canada.

- Groceries & Fresh Food
- Office Supplies
- Natural & Organic Products
- Beauty Products
- Health & Wellness

- Baby Food
Q. How does your service work?

You shop online. We deliver.
Shop Super Delivery and do your grocery shopping without leaving your home. By switching to Super Delivery you will save at least 20% of your monthly grocery bill.

At Super Delivery you shop, place your order and pay for your groceries online. We offer competitive prices, weekly specials, and even accept coupons! To open new account click here or call our fantastic customer support team at 604-800-0489.

Q. Is there a minimum order?
Nope! We won't limit you to how much or little you want to buy. Just remember orders over $120 receive free shipping! Orders between $70 & $120 will be charged $5.00 and orders less than $70 will be charged $6.99.  Students receive free delivery for orders over $70.
Q. I am impressed, how can I place the order?
Step1: Create new account. Click here..
Step 2: Add items to your shopping cart
Step 3:Checkout and choose your preferred delivery time
Q. How do I pay for my order?
Super Delivery accepts Cash, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as ATM or bank cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.
Q. How do you ensure that my financial information is secure?
At Super Delivery, we want you to feel safe while shopping with us. Yes, your security is our #1 priority. We protect your data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use.
Q. What is the deadline for placing an order?
Your ordering deadline is 11 p.m. the evening before your scheduled delivery day for next day delivery, and 11 a.m. for same-day deliveries. Orders received after 11 a.m will be delivered next day. Sorry, but we cannot make exceptions to these deadlines. If you miss your ordering deadline, please contact Super Delivery customer support team and reschedule your delivery for the next available day. Same-day delivery may be an option (if it's available in your area) for a small extra fee. Same-day orders can be placed any time after 11 p.m. for the following day, or before 11 a.m. for delivery by 8 p.m. that day.
Q. What are your delivery fees?
  Normal delivery Same-day delivery
Home Deliveries
Orders of $120 or less
Orders of $120 or more
Business Deliveries
Orders of $120 or less
Orders of $120 or more
Q. How do I change my regular delivery day?
You can select a new delivery day with each order, or change it permanently by contacting Super Delivery customer support team at 604-800-0489 or sending email to
Q. How can I make a request for you to carry a particular product?
We're regularly adding new products to our selection, and we love to get input from our customers. But first, please check to see if we already have what you're looking for. To check, type the product name (Pineapple, Shower Gel, etc.) in the Search box at the left top of the page. If you still can't find the item, click the "Product Request" button on the green toolbar and send us a message using the New Product Request form provided. Our product team reviews your request and add  it to our selection
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