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Office refreshments delivery
Super Delivery provides customized solutions designed to meet the demands of your busy workplace. We offer the widest variety of brand name refreshments plus fresh fruit for your office. Your employees are your most valuable resource, No more time-consuming trips to the store to buy coffee and supplies. We deliver so you and your employees have more time to be productive. We’ll supply all the break room essentials you need to keep your employees satisfied throughout the ad

Super Fresh Fruit at work
If you’re at the office and want to replace the unhealthy junk food in your break-room with healthy fruit, or if you just want to add a healthy option for those end of the month birthday celebrations, then our Office fruit program is for you. Be a hero. Support small family farms or suppliers when you purchase weekly fruit from The Super Delivery Guys, Our fruit comes from local regional farms and is delivered on the same day or next day to you in environmentally friendly fruit crates or reusable bins. Drop the junk food and pick natural & healthy snacks for your office

Shop online
unlike other suppliers, Super Delivery Keeps it simple. Shop online for your office needs, no more catalogues or price sheets. We offer wide variety of product selection including coffee, fresh fruits, snack items and paper supplies. You can create an account and start shopping right away. We have all your office supplies for up to 20% less than other delivered prices. If you don’t find the product you are looking for please submit product request here.
we have found that Monday and Wednesday are the most popular delivery days with our clients. However, for volume orders and other unique requirements we can accommodate daily delivery (location dependent). We are happy to split your deliveries across multiple days. We deliver to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Calgary & Edmonton.
Invoicing and Payment
we invoice weekly or monthly. We can provide individual or consolidated invoices covering all of your locations and provide payment terms to all customers. Invoices and monthly statements are sent electronically in PDF format and can be faxed or posted on special request. Payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card.
Need to change something or stop your service?
We do not use contracts of any kind to lock you into a scheduled delivery. You have complete flexibility to change or stop your “Super Refresh with Super Delivery” service at any time. To start try our Fresh Fruit Box, Many customers begin on a "trial" basis to see how the fruit will be received, usually moving to a weekly permanent delivery after a few deliveries. Once in place - it's automatic and effortless! That’s our confidence.
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